Monday, November 24, 2008

First Post!!

Hello and Welcome to my Blog.
Im soo excited, but I have no idea what Im doing, so this could take a while to get up and running. I realised today that I actually opened a Blog back in 2006 but forgot what name it was...hehhe oh well, this is the one to find me on.
Over the next few weeks ill hope to find my way through Blog land and show you some of my daily journeys. Till then, love and light to you all xx


gigi said...

well done poppy

now all you have to do is post some photo's of your beautiful work
love to all


Monique said...

HI Gigi, Ive posted some pics of the work....go see xx

gigi said...

Yippeee poppet
l'm so happy for you and wish l could come up and see you with morry....but no can do when are you coming down here?
hope all is well and see you soon
love gigi