Friday, March 6, 2009

Purses to go to 'I dream a highway!!'

OK, so where does all the time go? My last entry was on Feb 15Th, and it only feels like yesterday.

I have recently been lucky to get a store in Melbourne that would love to stock my purses. Its called I DREAM A HIGHWAY, 259 High st Northcote. Go check out their web page Its a very very funky space with all sorts of different designers. I'm so excited. Being a Victorian Country girl myself it feels really right to be sending down a big order to them. Its the most purses I have had to make at one time.......This is the first time I have thought, OK maybe I do need someone to help me sew??

There are cut outs of purses in every corner of our home. I think they call it organised Kayos? I am doing 10 of each size, which would make it 40!! Do you know for that amount of purses, there is 320 pieces to be cut out, before any sewing is even thought about. Then there is the ironing of 160 pieces, then there is the assembly of each purses, then the labels (2 on each) the pinning and THEN, I can think about sewing!! Its SUCH a process. I think that's why I am so happy when I finally do get one done that is fantastic, different to all that you see in stores and has everyone oohing and ahhing over it!!

So, now ill let you in on where I'm at at this stage.....I have 300 pieces cut, labels on, ironing done of 100 pieces and am thinking about sewing. OH, I nearly forgot, I picked up my new machine today..........I'm nervous to sew with it its so beautiful. Not the top of the line, well I wouldn't know actually, but anyway, its going to be fantastic for what I do.

ill keep you posted in my progress.

I have committed to all 40 purses in the mail by next Thursday, so ill let you know how I go. I WILL do it, you just wait to hear about the fun that's about to be had this week! see you then x

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Katey said...

I just LOVE your purses! I've been looking for a while now on how i can purchase one..or some :) a lady came into work and she had one of your purses and i just fell inlove with it straight away..will you be selling them at the village markets again or do you have a shop on the gold coast or something? you're so talented