Monday, February 8, 2010

Progress is good!

Hi all, what lovely rain we have had. My garden is gloriously GREEN. Thanks to my husbands constant attention also! Not so great for some, as parts of the Gold Coast have been flooded.
WHY do people still continue to cross flood waters? It baffles me. I think I have seen too much on floods this weekend. We watched a dvd on floods with our girls,  just to show them  that it can actually cause lots of devastation. ( This was after they spyied an amazingly huge puddle and wanted to play in it!! )The force of flooding waters are just incredible. It dosnt have to be deep in order to move things,  especially little people.

Anyway, lots of cutting was achieved in these rainy days. I made about 25 brooches. and 3 lovely purses. I will load some photos on here tonight when Marconi gets home as im not having much luck with this area on my new toy!!

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