Friday, March 5, 2010

Mad March

Hi everyone, welcome to March.

Wow,  March is such a busy month for myself and my family.

Its my Mums birthday on the 7Th ( her 60Th too), my younger brother is on the 9Th, I'm on the 13Th, my older brother is a day after me,  the 14Th, and also my niece is on the 14Th too, then we have my poppas which is on the 28Th. I could go on and on..... but I wont.

So I have been working on getting a surprise done for one of those Birthdays, which I wont give away which one, as the person could well be reading this. Anyway, today is my last day and its not looking like I will make the deadline......Oh well, got to let that one go. I do love making surprises for others though.

I have been down to my dear friend Chryslyns lovely new adventure this morning. Wonderful stuff,  let me tell you. She is opening up a lovely little space called "Reap N Sew"  in Burleigh, and its looking fantastic. I got such a great feel as I walked in. Boxes everywhere, not set up, but, oh its going to be amazing, I could feel it!!
I'm so excited for you Chrys, you will be wonderful.......and of course you can stock up on any of the Mylittle Humble range at a really affordable price. 

Opening day is on Monday I do believe.....ill get an address for you and keep you informed.
Its in the little arcade near the tattoo parlor, there used to be an op shop in there down stairs. Well  "Reap N Sew" are upstairs, don't miss out.
I realise that is just terrible directions as to where it is, but ill endeavour to find out today and make another post.

Ill leave you with a pic of a bag I made for my friend Sonia. She gave me the handles and I got to play. I would do it slightly different next time I think, but I was pretty happy with it.
Love the fabic!

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