Monday, May 17, 2010

I can feel winter

O it's so cold this morning, I can't take my Ugg boots off.

I took Mylittle Humble to a  shopping night on Friday at the CK in Norman Park Brisbane. Was such a lovely night,  I love meeting new people. I'll dig out some names of yummy things for you to look out for. One was fresh water pearls, O they were so Beautiful.

I have made a few new things in the past weeks or so. My camera is not cooperating again so I'll post them as soon as Marcoi gets home (he's the wizz).

I think you'll love them, I sure do.

See you soon.


Katey said...

Will you be selling any of your purses on etsy again? Love your stuff btw :)

Monique said...

O Hi Katie, thank you so much for your interest, sorry for delay! YES please watch out for Etsy. Im almost there. The shop will be lovely,im going to have purses and a few other little treasures. So see you there!!