Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Great things come from Humble begginings!

I have always been a BAG LADY and could never have enough purses on the go at once. SO, I thought Id start a business doing what I love most. Ive been making purses now for about 2-3 years, from recycled fabrics. I don't have a big studio where I work, just my dinning room table.....very HUMBLE!!
I have added a link to my Etsy store that I opened ...ummm, OK, well nearly 2 years ago, and have yet to list anything (time is precious) or should I say fears stood in the way? Go and take a look. You can also find my things in INVERSE gallery, in James st, Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast in Queensland AUSTRALIA. Ill have to find out if they have a link to a web site.
So whatever it is you LOVE in life. Do it and do it well, you cant ask for much'll feel good for it. Dont worry how long it takes, everyting happens when It is meant to, its the Universes timing that makes it. Perfect!

This is the year of Mylittle Humble!!

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